Our Issues

For Nevada to continue to serve as the hub of the global gambling industry, the state must continue its tradition of staying ahead of the curve.

That requires electing candidates who are willing and able to thoughtfully consider the implications of new technologies and verticals and to craft policy that puts Nevada in the best position to harness those forces for the betterment of our gambling industry and the state as a whole.

Our primary areas of policy focus include:

  • Emerging verticals such as esports and skill-based gambling.
  • New distribution channels such as mobile and VR.
  • Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.
Why It Matters

Who We Support

We believe support for Nevada’s gaming industry is a bipartisan issue, and we are open to supporting candidates from any party.

Our considerations for supporting a candidate include:

  • A demonstrated history of supporting innovative gaming policy.
  • A strong working knowledge of new technologies and verticals.
  • A willingness to champion legislation that will broaden the reach and relevance of Nevada gaming regulators.